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Sex God Method Book

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  • How to bring out your woman’s wild side in the bedroom, even if she never wants to have sex, is sexually inexperienced, or is a serious prude. You will definitely experience her “inner slut” with this! (pg. 110)
  • How to effortlessly last for HOURS in bed with a secret mental control technique that is simple and easy to learn. (she can’t help but to BRAG to all her friends what a “marathon man” you are) (pg. 145)
  • How to give a woman multiple, wild screaming orgasms – even if you have a three-inch penis. I’m barely over four inches myself, and I use these mindsets and techniques to blow my girlfriend’s mind in bed despite that. (pg. 100)
  • How to quickly and easily get even the most innocent girl to go down on you like a porn star. You’ll be enjoying sensuous blowjobs like you’ve always dreamed about – And she’ll think it was HER idea! (pg. 135)
  • How to make a girl orgasm as many times as you want (even if she has never had one) with the “Clitoral Circle Climax” technique. She will be GUSHING with pleasure within MINUTES of reading this! (pg. 128)
  • The deadly mistake most guys make which makes it a struggle to last more than 5-10 minutes in bed. I’ll teach you exactly what this is, and exactly how to avoid it. (You’ll never have to be embarrassed about finishing too soon again!) (pg. 146)
  • The secrets STOLEN from the designers of the most popular dildos and female sex toys that will show you how you can actually give women MORE pleasure if you have a below average sized penis! (pg. 17)
  • The simple breathing trick which can give you harder, longer lasting erections and can make you last 20-30 minutes longer in bed (she’ll be amazed by your sexual stamina!) (pg. 98)
  • My ultra-controversial technique for getting ANY woman eager to engage in “forbidden” sexual activity like swallowing, anal sex, and threesomes. Learn this trick and be prepared to have the best sex of your life! (pg. 77)
  • The seven-word phrase that will turn even the most prudish, conservative girl into your personal sex fiend – she’ll be completely prim and proper outside the bedroom, but inside the bedroom she’ll be willing to make ANY fantasy you have come true. (pg. 79)
  • Why many average guys comes off as CREEPY and CHEESY in bed – and the four simple adjustments which can eliminate all creepiness from your sex life (you’ll never have to worry about her thinking you’re weird again!) (pg. 53)
  • How to transform the boring, hum-drum “affection” your girlfriend, wife, or even a female platonic friend feels towards you into wild, animalistic sex anytime you want it. (pg. 67)
  • The “blind spot” that most men have which causes them to make HUGE BLUNDERS in the bedroom. Women secretly complain about it all the time to their girlfriends, but most men have no idea what it is. (pg. 25)
  • How a BIZARRE sexual injury taught me a critical secret to giving women orgasms. It took me YEARS to stumble across this, but once you learn this you’ll be able to give women powerful orgasms INSTANTLY. (pg. 31)
  • A proven, easy-to-use technique for giving a woman the best oral sex of her life – she’ll be raving about you for days after you use this one on her! (pg. 132)
  • And perhaps my most powerful weapon of all – the fast and easy method for getting a woman to agree to ANY sexual fantasy you have. I reveal nine fantasies women NEVER tell men about, but that are proven to turn them on beyond anything you could ever imagine. (pg. 231-276)

And much much more…

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“Completely original sex advice that is revolutionary and counter-intuitive. Definitely a must read for all men.”
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“I was very skeptical at first and I thought, how does he know, but now that I’m talking to you, I’m convinced! … Oh, and my producer says, ‘I would have sex with Dan after reading this book.’”

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“When it comes to sexual improvement, there are so many ‘gurus’ out there that are just pushing completely false ideas. Dan’s book is different – the stuff in his book really, actually works. I’ve seen many of my own students transform their sex lives using the knowledge in The Sex God Method, and I wholeheartedly recommend the book.”
- Vin DiCarlo, Dating Coach


This book is everything you need and is designed to get quick results, however you can take your time if you prefer as you’ve got a full 30 days to try out my book.

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Daniel Rose, Professional Sex Coach

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